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Introducing Soulheartist: Empowering Artists, Charities, Fans and Brands to Change the World

(via Soulheartist is a platform designed and innovated by Soulmanna Live, which brings a new way of connecting artists, their fans, charities and commercial brands around a cause. It is not itself a charity, nor is it just about people donating and charities receiving. Soulheartist is a new model where all parties contribute what is in their hands and all parties receive the combined positive benefits from the project.


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We live in a world of intense beauty as well as pain.

Soulheartist envisions a world where every person is involved in the plight to alleviate the pain and celebrate the beauty. A world of interconnectedness across the divisions of economics, geography, culture. A unity that invites individual participation for collective benefit, while actively addressing the sobering issues of injustice oppressing humanity today.

Soulheartist is about empowering the interwoven community of artists, fans, charities and brands, with a way to participate and play a massive part in changing the face of our planet – for good.

It is incredible when everyone works together, simply with what’s in their hands…

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And stay tuned for info on how PROJECT AK-47 will be joining the Soulheartist family thanks to the incredibly talented Deb Fung. 


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  1. Find that the link soulheartist/deb fung is no longer working…
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