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Sioh: A Rescue Story

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The “parents” in our children’s homes play a vital role in our kid’s recovery and restoration. They love the children through the fear and pain of their pasts, while helping them discover their dreams for the future. 

Recently we received this sweet story from Ying, a houseparent in one of our Upper Mekong Homes. 

Sioh is 11 years old and studying in the 4th grade. His mother and father love him dearly but they are unable to properly care for all of their children. There is also no school in his hometown. Our children’s home will provide Sioh with opportunities his parents have only dreamed of. He is able to receive food, clothing, medical attention, and most importantly, education.

When Sioh first came to stay with us, he was delinquent, disobedient and troubled. But with love and encouragement, we have seen wonderful changes in his behavior and outlook on life. He is now excited to study, helps out with the chores, and enjoys playing with other children. He is learning, reading and singing songs with a smile. Sioh is in a happier place these days, and continues to make lovely progress.

Ying – Houseparent