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Welcome To Tigbaw’s New School! Opening June 2014.

In just a few short weeks, the children of Tigbaw, high in the mountains of Mindanao, will attend their first day of school. But this is not simply the start of a new school year, it is the start of a new and bright future for the entire village. It means the children will learn valuable skills affording them opportunities previous generations could have only dreamed about, and most importantly, it will keep the children safe from rebel army recruitment. 

Thanks to your continued commitment and donations, we have been able to make the dreams of the Tigbaw people a reality! We’re excited to share some of the photos taken along the way – it took determination, passion, and two entire villages – but we did it!

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All the materials had to be carried across rivers and through the jungle. 

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Here is some of the plywood that will become blackboards and tables. The only way to get it up the mountain is strapped to the side of a motorcycle!

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Every member of the Tigbaw and Insibay community pitched in and helped transport materials. The journey is over 50 miles one way!

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All the materials were stored in the Tribal Hall until they were ready to be used. 

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This metal material was used to build the roof. The tribesmen were extremely excited because most of them had never even seen a material like this before. 

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Carrying and stacking the wood that will become the floors and walls. 

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The people of Tigbaw are deeply grateful to the PAK-47 community for bringing the gift of education to their village. This is truly a life changing moment. 

These precious children are now safe from the terrors of army life and we are one step closer to creating permanent, peaceful change in Mindanao.