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FEATURE ADVOCATE: Joseph Lemay & “The Project: AK-47 Road Trip”


Simply put, the Project: AK-47 Advocate Alliance is a community of influencers who have chosen to protest & engage the issue of child soldiering. They all share a heartbeat and concern for children in our modern world that have a story but no voice. Joseph Lemay is no exception.


“Joseph’s homespun lyrics and fertile melodies are inspired by the crickets and drawling speech of his hometown. He hails from the Mississippi River bottoms of West Tennessee, but makes his bed in Nashville these days. He’ll take cream and sugar in his coffee and prefers sweet over salty. His EP, “A Precursor to Earthtones”, produced by Grammy-winning producer Charlie Peacock can be purchased at


Joseph has been a part of the PAK47 Advocate Alliance for the past two years. His most recent campaign for child soldiering puts grass roots advocacy on perfect display:


[vimeo width=”500″ height=”400″][/vimeo]


**Video Created by Ian Maravalli**


We (John and Joseph) are going on a trip. We are headed west for two weeks, playing acoustic shows, camping, and seeing as much of America as we can. But more importantly we will be helping to raise awareness for an organization called Project: AK-47. Project: AK-47 helps to rescue child soldiers around the world, particularly in Asia. We are going to be telling just about everyone we come in contact with about AK47 in hopes of raising funds to help save more kids.


So, that’s where you come in. We’re college kids. We cant afford this trip! We are asking for your help in raising funds to covering our gas, food, and campsite fees. But your support wont go unnoticed! We have a big ole list of goodies that you get in return.


$5 – You get a personalized post card from one of the stops on our trip!


$10 – You get an exclusive acoustic EP download only available through this fundraising AND the postcard


$20 – You get a physical copy of both of our latest EPs mailed to you, the exclusive acoustic EP download, AND the postcard


$50 – You get a personal video chat where we will play you an awesome 90’s cover of your choice, the physical EPs, the exclusive EP download, AND the postcard


$100 – You get to come to my house in Nashville (travel expenses not covered) for brinner (breakfast for dinner) homecooked by the two of us, the video chat 90’s cover, the physical EPs, the exclusive EP download, AND the postcard


$500 – We will come to your house and perform a house show! (must live within 5 hours from Nashville). Plus you get the brinner, the video chat 90’s cover, the physical EPs, the exclusive EP download, AND the postcard.


Just send the money to on and in the comment box leave your name, email address, and a mailing address where we can send your prizes.


For more info please watch our video!


Also check out:


Thank you so much for your support. We can’t wait to get on the road and make an impact in the lives of child soldiers around the world.


-John and Joseph



Here is a simple set-up for directing donors to contribute toward Joseph’s tour on behalf of Project: AK-47:
1. In order to give online, please visit
2. Click on the “Donate Today” tab (upper right)
3. Fill out appropriate giving information
4. Be sure to write the note “Western Journey” in the “Additional Information” field
(this will insure that we record which funds are designated for the tour)
5. A tax-deductible receipt will be sent to each donor.

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