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Simply put, the Project: AK-47 Advocate Alliance is a community of influencers who have chosen to protest & engage the issue of child soldiering. They all share a heartbeat and concern for children in our modern world that have a story but no voice. Sharif is no exception.

Sharif gave up a professional soccer career and, at times, a roof over his head to pursue his love for music. Recently, he signed an unprecedented independent record and management deal and released his debut project “Shine.”

As one of our most passionate advocates, Sharif is always looking for an opportunity to partner with Project:AK-47 for the cause of child soldiering. Recently as his single hit the charts, he took off on a radio promotion tour. His press packet consisted of his music, his promotional materials and a set of dog tags bearing the name of a child soldier.

We are extremely thankful for Sharif and his commitment to those less fortunate and free as he is. He, as well as the rest of the Advocate Alliance, make what we do overseas possible.

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