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Feature Rescue: Donnie. [PODCAST]




Listen as Marcus, the founder & director of Project: AK-47, tells us about Donnie, a 14-year-old who is one of our most recently rescued children in Mexico, in this 4 min 41 sec interview.

A conversation with Marcus about Donnie. by Tyler Ward

As I interviewed him, we talked about several topics:

• A 14-yr-old with an alcoholic mother in prostitution, drug-addicted brothers and a deceased father (and how that’s a typical situation for Mexican teenagers to be in)

• The brainwashing that cartel members experience

• The devastation that soldiering takes on a kid’s emotional makeup

• Our rehabilitation center that facilitates kids exiting drug and cartel involvement

• The hope we have for these damaged children to become whole and passionate about helping others.

To listen to our entire session with Marcus, click here.

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