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Leading up to Soulheartist subscriptions opening April 15th…

(via: It’s with excitement and nervousness that my [Deb Fung’s] Soulheartist subscription open period hurtles towards us. With less than a week before everyone and anyone in the world can partner with me to make a difference on the ground for children who have been victims of child soldier slavery in the Philippines, my prevailing thought is: will people be able to catch hold of this vision and make that step… to take the time to read through the site; to understand how their Soulheartist subscription funds make an impact; to fill in the form fields, and finally click SUBSCRIBE.

There are always plenty of good opportunities we pass up just because there’s always a reason to put it off. I want to encourage you to not skim over this one. In the bigger picture, my project is just a tip of a growing iceberg on how, becoming a Soulheartist subscriber can make a difference in this world, for good.

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It’s a financial commitment of $6 a week for 13 weeks via paypal; for which you will receive two of my current releases (Innermost Being, Whoever You Are, Selah or Reflections Vol. 1), valued at over $40, plus Soulheartist goodies valued at over $10. My wonderful brand partners (more brand partners adding all the time) are also providing fantastic discounts over the course of the 3 month project, so in the end, the value is already there in your financial sacrifice… The heart beat of it is that when we all contribute something of value, the benefits are multiplied and shared.

I truly hope and pray you will share in this journey and leap of faith with me; to do what we can to build this school with Project AK-47, and be a part of loving on these kids who just need to be given a chance to be kids again.  April 15th – please mark it in your diaries – jump online to and read up before than, so that come the 15th, you can return to the site, submit your subscription as a premeditated decision, and together do something extraordinary. Will you join with me?