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Michael Ricks Joins The ADVOCATE ALLIANCE

The latest addition to our Advocate Alliance is Nashville based, worship leader Michael Ricks. His vocal talents have appeared on myriad records including Susan Ashton’s “What Joy,” Phil King’s “How Much You Love” and Melinda Doolittle’s “You Are the Reason.” He also spent nine months touring with renowned Christian music group Higher Ground. 

Michael has a deep passion for rescuing child soldiers and furthering the mission of Project AK-47. He told us “Over the last four years God has really changed my heart about what we call love. As a member of the Body of Christ, God opened my eyes about really taking action to help those who are considered the “least of these.” During 2012, as that understanding began to sink in, I felt in my heart that I should begin using my music as an active tool to help in missions. I started looking for ministries that actually make a tangible difference in peoples lives. A friend introduced me to Marcus Young and I deeply resonated with his story. I knew the Lord had answered my prayer, giving me the opportunity to work with Project AK-47.”