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Remaking Mindanao


The island of Mindanao is covered with beautiful rainforest and surrounded by the South-China Sea. Several factors suggest that it contains nearly 70% of the raw materials and natural resources of the Philippines, yet many of the poorest regions in the country are on this island. For centuries, the many tribes of Mindanao have struggled for survival, and suffered through conflict between rebel factions and government troops. There are very few schools for the tribal children, and the literacy rate in many of the tribal areas doesn’t even exceed 5%. With no education, these children have little hope for their future, and some of them are forced, coerced, or convinced to join the rebel factions, trained to hate and kill, destroying their lives and damaging the country.

Several months ago, many tribal chiefs gathered in this meeting hall to collectively ask Just Projects International to take on the challenge of developing their rainforest into environmentally safe businesses that will create economic development that will fund education for their children and a future for their people. They also asked us to begin our Project: AK-47 in their area to rescue and restore the tribal children who have already been forced or coerced into fighting, and to protect the rest of their children so they will not be pulled into the NPA – New People’s Army. If these children are enrolled in school, they have a better chance of escaping exploitation by the NPA.

We have accepted the challenge of stopping the destructive cycle and are working to change history and remake Mindanao. We need you to join our Rescue & Restoration – Economic Development & Education Revolution. Connect with us this week to ask how.

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