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From Child Soldiers to Classrooms Filled with Students



Child Soldiers or Future Students

So often, we become so consumed with our own problems in life that we fail to see the possibilities of who we can become and what social good we can do in the world. The truth of the matter is that how we live really does matter, because what we do during our lifetime actually can make the world a better place … at least for someone. In the mountains of MindanaoPhilippines, 95% of the children will never have a chance to attend school, learn, and build a real future. Many of them will be pushed or coerced into becoming child soldiers for rebel forces like the NPA, MILF, or Abu Sayyaf. The lives of child soldiers are filled with abuse, fear, hate, and violence. Just Projects International’s Project: AK-47 has come on the scene in Mindanao to offer an alternative to these children and break the cycle of hatred and violence. In the place of war, we envision peace. In the place of hatred, we offer love. By building classrooms filled with students, we can begin to minimize the amount of child soldiers on the island, until one day, Mindanao can be known as a prosperous island of peace and progress. Join our army of love and help us in the rescue and restoration of child soldiers and others abused in the systems of human trafficking.

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