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We are very excited to welcome Sean Emory into our Advocate Alliance! Sean is an amazing illusionist based in our hometown of Nashville. He travels around the country performing at large church and community events. And if you’re lucky, you will catch him on the street before a show performing some incredibly illusions up close and personal. 

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In December of 2012 he proved his individuality and creativity to the world when he proposed to his now fiancĂ©e, Andrea, using magic. A personal moment he thought would only be seen by family and friends became a viral video when posted on YouTube – racking in nearly 500,000 views in just one week. The video was shown on major online news sites such as Yahoo, CBS, The Huffington Post, and The Sun before it caught the attention of Good Morning America where he and Andrea appeared in an on screen interview just a few days later. The video has appeared online and on TV in 6 continents and continues to be shared (via

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In addition to his magical talents, Sean also has an inspiring heart for child soldiers. He told us “I see child soldiers as a high priority when it comes to people in need.  As an illusionist, I work with psychology quite often and in my studies, I have come to believe that the psychological manipulation of mass groups of people is absolutely devastating not only to those manipulated and brainwashed, but also to the victims of their crimes.  The idea that young children are being taken and brainwashed into a life and culture of murder and genocide is not only abominable, but real and it needs more attention.”



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