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The Advocate Alliance Welcomes Austin Adams

PROJECT AK-47 and The Advocate Alliance are thrilled to announce another new artist has joined our ranks – Nashville based, singer-songwriter Austin Adams. 



Austin’s music boasts unique vocals, pounding melodies, and powerful lyrics. From a young age, Austin realized how powerful music can be – it is an answer to ponder the questions of  life and a bridge to how we connect to one another. 

Preforming professionally since 2009, Austin has strived to push the boundaries of his creativity in the indie pop genre. Producing, writing, and playing,  Austin continues to build a strong foundation in the Nashville music scene as well as across the country. His tour will take him around the US, to Canada and across the UK in 2014.

Austin 1.jpg

The issue of child soldiers touched Austin’s heart earlier this year when he came across a program Anthony Bourdian was doing on The Congo. Despite the poverty, disease, and malnutrition, the people of The Congo still had hope. He started researching more about The Congo and came across the growing epidemic of child soldiering. Reading more and more online that night, he started to realize what a world wide problem it is. It was then he decided he had to “help in some way and give a voice to these kids who have no voice of their own.” 

We are so thankful Austin has chosen to represent us from his stage!



Interested in joining The Alliance? Get in touch with us!