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A Letter From A Rescued Child Soldier




As we travel around to orphanages supported by Project: AK-47, we like to bring back letters written by the rescued child soldiers. This week, we’ve received several letters from homes in Southeast Asia and want to make them available to you. We hope these letters help to convey the importance of the work being done and the lives being touched.

Due to safety circumstances, we aren’t able to send correspondence via mail. The words you will read have been typed from letters that children have written and emailed to us by our teams on the ground. They are not edited in any way in order to convey the sentiment and gratitude of each child. These notes from rescued child soldiers will be posted over the next few weeks, so be sure to visit again to read more of their stories.


January 2012



Hello from my land to you who have helped me. My name is Mun.  I was a soldier boy but now am in a children’s home and attending school.  My dream is to be a truck driver and chauffeur. This is my plan and my real dream.  I hope to finish my 9th grade year and as I’m not a great student I hope to move into this vocational trade for my living.  I hope you can work with me towards my dream.

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