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My Strong Hope – A Letter From A Rescued Child Soldier

photo (2)

photo (2)

Last week, we highlighted a letter from one of our rescued child soldiers in Southeast Asia. If you missed reading Mun’s letter, you can check it out HERE.

Again, let me note that the letter(s) you are reading were written by the children, then transcribed and emailed to us by our teams on the ground. You will read them exactly how they were written. They have not been edited in any way in order to preserve the sentiment and authenticity of each child’s message. Be sure to share their stories and give these forgotten children a voice by clicking on the buttons at the bottom of the page!

Written: January 16, 2012

Name: Klah

Greetings to you folks who are helping us get education. I’m studying now at 8th grade level. When I came here I was a mess and didn’t know anything. Now I’m getting an education and my character has improved too. Thank God for the staff and sponsors who help this program! Our situation is good, enough to eat and good schooling. When I finish school I hope to study medicine. This is my strong hope. My gratitude is to God, to the regional supervisor, the staff and also to all our sponsors who have come along side to help.

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