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Ali and Dallah’s Journey Part 2

Ali and Dallah’s first year of school has been transformational

To attend school, Ali and Dallah both had to sacrifice a great deal. Ali and Dallah had to move away from their family and friends to be close to school, into an area with a diverse cultural makeup. These new changes presented significant obstacles for Ali and Dallah.  As Ali puts it, “being the first known son of a great warrior  in the territory of the migrants is not easy, we need to work hard all the time for everything.” 

Graduating third grade at the top of their class is proof of their determination to succeed! Ali and Dallah both have delved into their studies learning to read and write, and they don’t plan to stop. 

This year Ali and Dallah gained a deep sense of the importance of peace. On the first day of school, Ali wanted to bring a knife for protection.  They began school as children always ready to protect themselves from the world that they had always known. Now, Ali and Dallah are peace-minded in every situation with schoolmates, family, and friends. We can only imagine what another year of schooling will do for Ali and Dallah!